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Below are default email ports that you can use as reference to setup mail client:

Protocol Purpose Encryption Port
SMTP Outgoing TLS / SSL 465  or 587
SMTP Outgoing Unencrypted 25 or 26
IMAP Incoming TLS / SSL 993
IMAP Incoming Unencrypted 143
POP3 Incoming TLS / SSL 995
POP3 Incoming Unencrypted 110

Some ISP, by default blocked SMTP port 25 from being abused. You may set your outgoing port to 26 (unencrypted) or 465/587 (encrypted) to send outgoing email.

Difference between POP3 vs IMAP

- by default email remove from server after content downloaded to your devices.
- you can't retrieve/view the same content after download completed, unless default policy changed on mail client.

- by default email remain on server after content sync to your mail client (mobile/desktop)
- you can view the same content on other devices from anywhere, unless default policy changed on mail client.

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